Shed the Archetype

by An Ocean Above Us

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released March 10, 2017

All music and lyrics by An Ocean Above Us.
Additional lyrics by Trae Titus, Aaron Miller, Jerret Aubert and Ryan Bortner.
Additional guitar on track 6 by Jesse Chieffo.



all rights reserved


An Ocean Above Us Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Through the Eyes of Eternity
Drifting alone in space, her cold embrace numbs me
Construct meant to save me, malfunctions, atrophy, apathy
Been lucid for so long, time no longer holds meaning
As countless years go by
Bear witness to creation and destruction
Beauty only gods can see, through the eyes of infinity
Is there an end or am I just dreaming?
Eons flash by, my essence dies
Losing my grasp as time and space pass
can madness set me free before the darkness consumes me?
Beholden to the brilliance of the universe
I take my seat, as the infinite witness
The cradle of creation births cosmic depths
Only understood by me
Track Name: Fragments (feat. Ryan Bortner)
Get out
Who is this in my head, causing all this strain
These thoughts are not my own, I have gone insane
You are fucking weak, I know what you fear
In time I will beat you down, I am always near
(Give in)
I will fight you off until my dying breath
(But I am you)
I will not accept
(Stop, Listen to me)
Shut you mouth, you're not calling the shots
(I'm taking over)
Get out of my head
Control, this is a battle to possess all influence
Extort balance
Can you feel the darkness closing in on us inexorably
Close your eyes, let the demons loose, as hope dies there will be no truce
I am unleashed, there will be war
I will not fall victim this time
This consciousness is mine
Back and forth we fight for power, I will not cower
Let there be war
Mind is worn and I'm seeking solace
Patience gone and I need severance
Passing time only kills clarity
Twisting, contorting all reality
If you won't go I'll force you out
I'm no longer burdened with doubt
You can try and push me away
But I am you and I'm here to stay
Track Name: We Drown With Our Vices
Bring the past into the light
We'll shed some weight when we set things right
There are no secrets in life
Just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface
They lie beneath the surface
Repents, for nothing lasts forever
Chase the dream before time fades away
Left thinking about the what ifs
Vices, they control everything
Taking until there's nothing left there
No, not anymore, not ever again
I feel them pull me in unquenchable hunger for comforts past
(Never again)
The darkness weighs me down, like chains that coil around my damaged mind
I fail to see the purpose of holding on, still I can't let go
Whether it's fear of failure or fear of success I must regress
Time to finally stand tall
Track Name: Wallow/ Unreality (feat. Aaron Miller & Jesse Chieffo)
You're a waste of breath
Between the lines of right and wrong and what to kill for
Your cause
But don't steal
You had to get it back
So you could crush it again
You had to have it back
In case you ran out of love
Your words have never meant as little as they do tonight
You won't change reality, you'll just wallow
See you standing there behind that wall
Divides so tall
They don't speak for us at all
See you standing there behind that wall
Youre a waste of breath
Between the lines of right and wrong and what to kill for
wallow, you'll wallow
You're not changing reality, You'll just wallow in the ones that exist
Track Name: Prison of Mind (feat. Jerret Aubert)
Trapped within structures of my self inflicted sanity
My mind's a prison, I cannot run I cannot flee
Each day I get to take a closer look into my head
Staring back is the monster that I truly fucking am
He wants to escape and he'll put in place what little sanity I have left
Put X's over my eyes, I am blind to light
Take my hand and pull me away
My head is doing, my head is doing this to me
My past is haunting, my past is haunting killing me
My eyes are crying, my eyes are crying can't you see
Standing here screaming trapped in my own blasphemy
Is this all just a dream?
Pinch me, shake me
awaken me from this daydream
Wake me
Locked away, dead inside, blind to light
No escape
My mind's a prison and it's permanently haunting me
Track Name: Mad Circus (feat. Trae Titus)
Divulge to me, I am struck to see
Layman's terms, deceive, by you flaws
False intent, will prevent
Evolve, relieve, I am struggling
With these tips you bring, I'm appalled
Endorsed by all those who represent nefarious and fraudulent men
(Hanging heads, fitting doubt, mourning underground)
Fueled by greed and malcontent, making for all this
Hypocrites, a madness circus filled with malcontents
Set to watch us drown
Evolve, relieve, I am struggling
With these tips you bring